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F.A.D.E Fighting Against Demonic Entities: Where Ever I AM They Shall Not Be


F.A.D.E Fighting Against Demonic Entities

         by Karen L. Tarango


Q & A

Q. Your book, F.A.D.E, Fighting Against Demonic Entities, is all about spiritual warfare. Why did you write about this topic?

A.  It all started when I first became a Christian. I really took to prayer. I prayed a lot and soon became a prayer warrior an intercessor. Many times I knew I was engaged in spiritual warfare for someone or for myself. I knew God was teaching me through prayer and the Bible on how to fight satan. I then began to journal my experiences. In about a year I had several journals and a lot of knowledge on spiritual warfare. The Lord wanted me to take what I had learned and write a book. So that’s what I did.

One of my favorite scriptures is, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Eph. 6:12

Q.  How do you know if you are under a spiritual attack?

A.  One obvious way to know is when you feel and evil presence around you or in your home.  Also when you walk into a room and you feel a presence there. It doesn’t feel right or fear over comes you. That’s when you make a choice, leave or cast it out. 

Another example could be that someone may tell you they are under attack, would you pray for them. I always ask them to explain to me what is going on to get more information.

Q.  What would you tell someone who wanted to learn about spiritual warfare.

A.  Of course I would tell them to get my book. It really is targeted for beginners on this topic or a refresher for those that already know about spiritual warfare. I would also tell them they need to be a follower of Jesus Christ. If you’re not a believer your battle is in vain. Why? Because those of us that follow Jesus have the authority to use his name, Jesus, the name above all other names. And his name comes with power. It’s that power of Jesus name do we win the battles over satan and his demons.

Q.  How can someone purchase your book FADE?

A.  You purchase it online through any of the regular book sellers. It is also available in E-book form if you have a Kindle or other e-reader. I also have books at home and can mail it to you signed. Just email me for more info. At .


"F.A.D.E. should also stand for Fun to read, Accurate in scripture, Dependable for spiritual battles, with Exciting new ministries for old and new Christians alike. I highly recommend this book for individual or group studies. It is a no-nonsense and very concise basic training manual on how to biblically fight the good fight. F.A.D.E. will make you unafraid of the spiritual realm and equip you to be a mighty warrior for Jesus. Don't it today."

                                                                             Garry Kennedy



"It's little but oh so powerful!"

                                                  Christina Gastelum   

" I am glad I read it!